wellness program design
The Align Body Mind focus on functional movement can be brought into any setting. The following provides a sample of programs Laura has designed.

Contact Laura at info@alignbodymind.com if you are looking to add or expand on a wellness program for your institution.

Yoga for Hospital Caregivers

With funding from the Prince Charitable Trust, secured by Washington Adventist Hospital, Laura designed an ongoing series of free Yoga for Caregivers classes as part of the hospital's larger Caring for the Caregivers program. The goal of the program is to reduce medical errors by providing medical professionals opportunities to reduce their own stress, increase mental focus, and enjoy a sense of mental and physical wellbeing so they are in a stronger position to render assistance to those in need. In addition to classes at the hospital, take-home "Pose Pages" guide the participants through a relaxing home practice. Classes are currently taught by Laura. If you are an employee of Washington Adventist Hospital, call (301)891-5380 to register for classes.

Yoga and Pilates in a Physical Therapy Setting

Laura designed the ongoing Adaptive Yoga and Adaptive Pilates classes at Body Kinetics Rehab, a physical therapy clinic in Northern Virginia. The Yoga classes are appropriate for anyone - the flexibility of the poses used allow ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons to participate in the same class. The Pilates classes are appropriate for anyone who can get down to the floor and back up with little or no assistance. Classes are currently taught by the lovely and skillful Cindy Fagnoni, with Laura substitute teaching as necessary. Call 703-639-0950 to register for classes.

Yoga for Persons with Neurological Conditions

With funding from the ziMS Foundation, secured by the National Capitol Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society for the YMCA of Arlington County, Laura designed the weekly Yoga for Neurological Conditions class at the Arlington Y. The pose sequences are designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, while minimizing triggers of neurological symptoms such as spacticity and overheating of the body. Controlling stress and connecting with the body/mind relaxation response is also emphasized. Classes run with sufficient student enrollment. Call (703) 525-5420 to inquire.

Yoga as a Weight Management Tool

Laura designed the Yoga for Relaxation classes at the Washington Center for Weight Management and Research. The goal of the class is to complement the patients' healthy eating and exercise lifestyle changes. With the use of supportive props, gentle alignment cues, and mental imagery, the poses focus on triggering the body's relaxation response to help wash away built up stress hormones, and to invite the patients back to a sense of comfort in their own skin. Classes run with sufficient patient enrollment. Call 703-807-0037 to inquire.